Belarisk - On Amorphous Dawn (NNA tapes)

first off - i had no intention whatsoever of writing about belarisk - on amorphous dawn, nor did toby or matt send it to me to review (hell, the last thing NNA needs is a bum like me reviewing their tapes for cassette gods - those dudes get all the press they need, and deservingly so). I merely popped this tape on, lit a cig, sat on the couch and starting playing macbook chess when two minutes later - the computer is off, another cig is lit, eyes are closed and i am lost in the dark ambient world of LEE EDWARD TINDAL, the genius behind the music. 

lee has released a slew of tapes and has been playing under various names (zerfalt, mutation in the gryd, etc) since i moved to boston 4 years ago. although i've seen him play quite a few times and own 7 of his releases, it was only recently that I introduced myself to him at a show in providence (where he now resides by way of boston) - the man is as sweet as his music is.

on amorphous dawn is a unique and skilled, utterly beautiful take on analog and digital synth music that covers many spectrums of the genre. my personal favorite parts are the "hooked on bach" (and methodone)-esque moments that are featured more on the A side. However the tape as a whole flows flawlessly from noise, to ambient tonality, and everywhere in between and is extremely well thought out and composed. 

so yea.. i felt it necessary to give this tape a shout and as always, i'm looking forward to seeing what NNA releases next… :D