RS2090/Mooninite - "split" (Hel Audio)

The split from RS2090 and Mooninite released by Utah's Hel Audio is an intriguing midnight listen. Electronic abstractions from RS2090 offer a wide-spectrum of samples, pounding beats, and nocturnal keyboard transmissions. The mix is pleasing and even surprising in parts as the club meets the cosmos. On Mooninite's side the darkness manifests itself even more. "Moonlets," for example, feels of sleep deprivation, it is woozy and forward moving at the same time. I'm very much in a new world as the tape plays. There's a lot to hear on this tape as 60-minute cassette (20 more minutes of music than the digital version) is jammed with atmospheres. If you're into 2am riffs, this is a tape worth exploring.

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