WHITE LIMO "Whomohw" LP (Fogged Recods)

Great first release from Fogged Records, a new label, based out of Western Massachusetts.  White Limo* is an electronic music trio of Chris Cooper on treated guitar, Jess Goddard on Keyboard and Josh Vrysen on tapes.  The group creates a buzzing and whirring insectoid pinball sound.  Cooper and Goddard are former members of Caroliner and currently hold court with Fat Worm of Error.  Vrysen has performed steadily as Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof.  This is a somewhat challenging listen, but I would recommend it to fans of aleatoric music and old school modem startup sounds.

*Sometimes appears as White Limousine And Impatient Truck Plus Special Guest

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White Limo also appears on a new 3 way split LP with Paul Flaherty and Sam Gas Can, out now on Feeding Tube Records