at first glance, judging by the art on the packaging, i thought this would be some synth jam tape - however i was pleasantly surprised when I popped it in the deck while getting my valentines day on and let it loop for a while before giving it a focused listen.

WEAKWICK are an impressive "noise rock" (cheesy term, i'm aware, but i'll be throwing it around from time to time so get used to it) duo from Minneapolis (home of the great SKOAL KODIAK). Somewhat standard instrumentation makes up this outfit - one dude on guitar and vocals and the other credited as playing drums and synth (I assume separately from drums? overdubbed etc. ?) There is little information to be found about these guys on the internet, a somewhat un-explored bandcamp and soundcloud page as well as a killer video of them on youtube from this past january with not nearly enough views as it deserves. given the note that they sent along with the tape, these recordings were made a little over year ago, and i'm just going to assume that they were a relatively new band at the time. If that's the case, then WEAKWICK is off to solid start for sure. the music itself has some obvious odes to early sightings, and at times has the same rhythmic intensity of lighting bolt (obvious comparisons - i'm aware). certain tracks focus more on intense quasi hardcore and punk based grooves and guitar parts while others feature intense repetition (synth, loops, repeated drum figures) as a canvas for screeching guitar, feedback, noises, etc. the latter are the tracks that i'm most fond off (side A ends with a gorgeously brutal repeated synth figure while being beaten to death by what i assume is the guitar). I'm not as keen on the punker side of things - the more conventional "noise rock" songs, however thats just my personal taste… don't get me wrong - these tracks are extremely strong and well composed.

 Overall, I recommend this tape to anyone who can relate to my psycho babble that is this "review".. however, i'm not quite sure WHERE you can get this tape. maybe contact the band thru bancamp or something? They have also recorded another tape this past fall that I am curious to here. WEAKWICK - a promising band for sure, welcomed in new england anytime (tour this way boys!)