Chris Weisman - Maya Properties (OSR tapes/Youtube???)

hey - im new around here and this is probably considered blasphemous but chris weisman has paid his cassette dues if ya ask me so im gonna do this anyways...

i spent the better half of my day listening to the entirety of "maya properties", a 3 hour, 11 part, 88 song YOUTUBE ONLY album by the prolific brattleboro based song-writer chris weisman.

it changed my life

(youtube only is a "lie": maya properties is available thru zach phillip's OSR tapes as an mp3 download for the sliding scale donation price of $0.00-$1,000,000,000,000,000,000 [infinity] and i'll be reviewing three of OSR's newest tapes in the next few days so it seemed appropriate to mention this gem.)

listen here
donate/download here