ANDRE FOISY - "After The Prophecy" C27 (Land of Decay)

  I've been sitting on this one for a bit, and I couldn't be happier about it's recent unearthing. This cassette had it's hooks deep in me straight out of the gate, and didn't let go until it was over.
  The exhilaration of The Great Disappointment and Call To Clarion:Flee That Flood, immediately rushes at you with dense layers of eerie acoustic, electric and mandolin repetitions, coupled with deep swells of harsh feedback and driving percussive elements. Once things get moving, and the proggy guitar chops and meditative hand percussion enters the picture, it starts to remind me of the druggy approach of earlier Grails, Can, Hawkwind and other jammy/heavy psychers, respectfully. Always teetering on a thin line between well planned material, and on the spot improvisation.

  After a lengthy swirl of tempo drops and key shifts, things eventually wither away, and Foisy leaves us with a brittle, hissy guitar ambiance that sounds like it's playing through a busted AM radio. This heavily treated noodling goes on a while, shedding and expanding upon itself, until somehow completely morphing into a cavernous drone. As the many layers slowly begin to burn off, the subtle echo of an acoustic melody appears and takes the reigns, closing out the track with an icy, desolate vibe. Excellent release. Fans of Fripp/Eno's output and similar guitar drone/ambiance won't want to miss this one. Recorded 2007. Program repeats on both sides. Edition of 250 pro-duplicated cassettes with color j-cards. 
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