Zach Phillips - I Can't Predict My Past Actions (OSR tapes)

i've been wanting to share my love for this absolutely FASCINATING masterpiece of music since i first heard the CDR version last september. I CAN'T PREDICT MY PAST ACTIONS, by zach phillips further accentuates that the dude is definitely one of the most brilliant and virtuosic artists around. not only is he a pop wizard, with a completely unique take on the good old song writing craft (if you haven't checked out BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE by now, stop what your doing and loose your shit to it), but he is a talented COMPOSER as well. 

I have a lot to say about side A of the tape but im gonna contain myself and just hope that whoever is reading this will check it out for themselves. I generally don't really like to use the word "AVANT-GARDE" being that it has now (unfortunately) become a "genre" and a term that people seem to throw around when not being able to accurately describe something that they find aesthetically "odd" or "wierd" or whatever. but FUCK DUDE, this shit is AVANT in my book. I've never heard anything like it… if someone can point me in a similar direction i'll be DAMNED. what zach has done here is a SERIALIZATION of sorts between the letters (of the lyrics and various quotes) and pitches thus resulting in a non-repetitive 25 minute single track song that is completely mind blowing … in other words, zach has successfully combined "synth pop" with early/mid 20th century avant garde techniques. WHO ELSE HAS DONE THIS AND DONE IT SO DAMN WELL?? side B opens with a fabulously bizarre cover of CRY by johnnie ray and the four lads before launching into a 20 minute "processed instrumental version of side A" (as zach puts it on the OSR website). I'm not clear as to what the processing entails - but i trust its some HEAVY SHIT.

SO - i CLEARLY recommend this tape to anyone who has ever given a shit about anything ever. BUT - its not an "easy listen" per say - it deserves extreme attention. DON'T put this tape on while doing the dishes - sit down and carefully listen to the whole tape, note for note… and then do it AGAIN.. and get your MIND BLOWN. if this is what you're into - close, deep listening - then you will be in love with this masterpiece and you're faith in the future of music just might be restored because THIS is the FUTURE

buy the tape here. just do it. please

ALSO - if you happen to be in NYC on SUNDAY march 16th, BBB will be doing their record release show at 285 kent for their newest LP on the fabulous NNA tapes (i got a leaked version a few months ago from the man himself and it could possibly be my favorite thus far). other vermonters will be throwing down hard as well: happy jawbone family band, ryan power, and son of salami. SEE YOU THERE (fascist book event HERE)