Great Valley - Continental Lunch LP (FEEDING TUBE RECORDS)

howdy! this is my first review for the fabulous cassette gods.. however, i'm not reviewing a cassette, but instead a FINE LP by the ever so delightful GREAT VALLEY from brattleboro, VT. 

First off - brattleboro fucking RULES right now.. it is perhaps the best place IN THE WORLD to find genuine weirdo (avant?) pop music (or whatever you wanna call it). great valley, happy jawbone, chris/kurt weisman, blanche blanche blanche, ruth garbus,  ETC - i mean C'MON.. how all of these far out people ended up in the same place is a mystery to me, but it seems to be working out for em. 

ANYWAY… great valley… YES… CONTINENTAL LUNCH is their newest release on the mighty FEEDING TUBE RECORD label from northampton (a fine label indeed). this record is just utterly fantastic from start to finish.. i can't even count the amount of times i've listened to it since i bought the record at GV's release show in boston last weekend. SANDRA'S RAGE is perhaps my favorite track on SIDE A - a whacked out psych pop ditty with a gary wilson-esque psycho babble section followed by a beautifully orchestrated minimalist, ambient sort-of jam… a TASTY cup of tea for sure. SIDE B - opens with a wonderful pop tune that ends with an ADORABLE shout out to all of GV's brattleboro homies. I could easily go into each song individually, but you get the point, and i'm running out of stokey adjectives .. but long story short - this album is a MASTERPIECE if you're into this kind of stuff. 

GV has released a TON of albums and ep's in the last 5 or so years, all of which are definitely worth checking out, however I consider this record to be their finest achievement thus far, in that they have really found a UNIQUE formula and aesthetic to their ever evolving sound. check em out live (currently on tour for a few weeks) and visit them and everyone in brattleboro… not only are the people there making awesome music, but they are totally RAD and HUMBLE folks .. and JOEY PIZZA SLICE just moved there so YEA.. go visit and give em all hugs if you can… and go sledding or something