“Black and Red” C32
“Master Controller”
(Self Released)

St. Louis band, Kisser’s identity remains unknown.  What is apparent is that they write songs and play instruments with conviction and precision.  Their songs sometimes begin with a crawling groove, then double in tempo and then double again.  There is a tendency to build louder and faster and then close, rather organically.  The players synchronize well, defining their sonic collectivity.

The tracks I find most interesting are Red and Black’s closer “Bells” and Master Controller’s “Throat”, both of which are around 10 minutes long.  “Bells” showcases an abundance of layers and moods, while “Throat” is reminiscent of the Kraut-Post-Rock of Chicago’s Directions in Music, and in small part, the hypnotic organ of The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.  I appreciate Kisser’s variety and intensity. 

Check them out: 

-- Adam Padavano