Beautiful Music CDs

This is an unpaid advertisement for a new label out of Burlington, VT operated by Joey Pizza Slice and Ashley Melander. You should already have heard Joey's new tape on OSR (JPS) and his semi-recent LP on Feeding Tube (Salami Jr.), though we didn't review either here... oh well... this new thing is not cassette related, but Beautiful Music is releasing some cool tunes on disc that you can buy for really cheap. -- Ed.

Zach Phillips "The Closest Exit May Be Behind You"

Keyboardist/songwriter formerly of Blanche Blanche Blanche and now belonging to CE Schneider Topical gives us 23 songs written on piano but arranged for/performed on multitracked monophonic guitars.

FaceBat "Space Hearse"

This guy is a Vermont legend that few people have heard of, even the millions of fans who know and love his songs "Halley's Comet" and "I Didn't Know" which have both been repeatedly covered by Phish for most of their 30 plus years as a band. Richard Wright (AKA Nancy) passed cassettes of his home recordings among friends in the mid 80s, some of whom went on to great success as the uber-popular jam band behemoth. Though Wright and Phish parted long ago, you can imagine this recording as an alternate path branching out from the same psychedelic Northern milieu. Astonishingly, this is Wright's first official release.

Tall Boys "Pretty In Plaster"

More fun music out of Brattleboro, VT. Ian McPherson (relocated to L.A.) and Peter Nichols (of Grape Room and Great Valley...still holding strong in VT for now).

Robocop: The Movie "The Futuristic Death of Robocop: The Movie"

I've been waiting to hear this for years. The teenage adventures of Joey Pizza Slice, NJ.

There are four more releases on the label, go check it out. Four discs are less than $16 including shipping.