“Silencer” C26
(Crow Quill Records)

One day, I was ascending stairs to the house of a kid I tutor for math, when he opens the door; shit-eating grin, expectant, knowing full well that I could not possibly ignore his t-shirt…fucking SLAYER.!

Since this portal, the kiddo has all but made plans to be the next Kerry King! We mostly read books that are hard for dyslexic middle-schoolers to read and do math that one might need, were one to not get ripped off at the local grocery store and/or bodega. This kid is a pretty bad-ass human-in-training, so I try to shoot as straight as I can with him.

If he were to come up with jams like “We Deserve This” within the first two years of his culling friends to be part of a band in his small town, I’d be happy for him. He’s scared of talking to “girls”, but he and I both know we need a lead singer here… I really hope he studies Kerry King more, and out-shines my own guitar skillzzz.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan