“Put the Money in My Dick” C11
(Single Girl Married Girl)

Allegedly this album anonymously arrived from Wellington, New Zealand. Usually being a sucker for artists with a mystique, I was instantly intrigued.

It seems the real backbone of these songs lie in tightly sequenced beds of synths and drum machines that go from mathy freakouts into brief little poppy interludes. The whole affair is scatter-brained in the best way possible, and the amount of ideas jammed into the brief 11 minutes is pretty staggering to be honest. Personally, the falsetto vocals are what really get me. It assures us that Maxi and company are not taking themselves particularly seriously.

I usually imagine this band to be made up of a few gnomes deep in some Kiwi forrest who have been getting REALLY into Zappa and the Unicorns. The image of those coned hats bobbing up and down while the rip on their tiny synths is so pleasing to me. Close your eyes and go there, it’s so worth it. I’m really hoping they have another 11 minutes to spare in the near future.

Also can we all agree the band name and title in sequence is probably the best combination of words to appear on a cassette spine in some time? It’s really good, I promise.

--Josh Meakim