[PHYSICS] “Only Forever” (Constellation Tatsu)

I’m absolutely a Constellation Tatsu believer. Theirs is a psychedelic experimental synth/prog/ambient catalog to die for. I’d gotten on board with a lot of their releases over the years – Food Pyramid, Opaline, Giant Claw, Toning, just to name a fraction – so I was wildly excited when one of their releases showed up in the most recent #CASSETTEGODS mailings. (I hashtag that now, btw.)

Their winter 2015 batch features this gem of a Tron-worshipping tweakfest, Only Forever by [PHYSICS], all caps, and with square brackets, so don’t misspell it or you’ll probably link to something much fishier. (Or you’ll link to Wikipedia – my scientific Internet queries always take me there, anyway.) Still, I’ve provided you with some handy links below, because even with the brackets I didn’t turn up much. I’m a very fickle web surfer, and I get impatient a lot. So you’re welcome.

Right, digression over, and I’ll be praising synthmeister Kevin Skyler from here on out. He does the CTatsu brand of psychedelic synth work, and he plies that trade like a craftsman. Wanna know what how his tunage comes across? How do you think, with titles like “Fractal Cave” and “Inner Prism”? Those pretty much sum up the [PHYSICS] sound. Modular psych trips, interstellar groove palettes, virtual reality polygon enhancements, extraplanetary landscapes, and everyone can morph like Robert Patrick’s liquid metal terminator. That’s how they dance, don’t you know?

It’s easy, as it is with all Constellation Tatsu releases, to bliss out on the space vibes [PHYSICS] is slingin’, and I heartily encourage you to do just that. It’s relaxing music for the modern modal being, rendered in patterns you can see as well as hear. That’s it, open up as many senses as you can to this, because you’ll float right out of your chair if you do it right. I’m somewhere over the planet right now, but I won’t tell you which one…

--Ryan Masteller