"Real Life Horror Stories Part II”

The 9th solo record by Broklyn NY's David Drucker, this tape is one of those glimpses of some special private thing that seems like is one of the best things people do for each other.

David floats around between these free & easy beautiful 80s-y teen romance movie songs, warbly acoustic freaky folk ditties, drony chanting whispered monologues, and more abstract blippy blipps.

The whole tape is weird and nice! Like hangin around in a dirty hammock, maybe you're napping with somebody you crushin' on.

I can imagine you not liking that it's a lil bit nostalgic, or perhaps a lil bit too chilled out if you are the type of person who needs to continually refill your reservoirs of destructive power, and yeah, sometimes I have a hard time coping with what is kind. But if you are ready to accept and feel a warm embrace from a strange human soul, go for it!

I hope people give it a listen, it's got that special aura.

— Devin Brown