VARIOUS ARTISTS "You Are All A Flossed Generation: A Flaming Biscuit Records RRRRRevival Compilation" Double C90 (Flaming Biscuit Records)

After a fourteen year hiatus, South Carolina tape label Flaming Biscuit marks it's return with this mega big 51 track compilation. On this comp you get staples of the SC sub-underground/noise scene as well as a generous portion of weirdo musicians from every end of the country. The focus here leans towards unsung heroes of the home taping universe such as Caleb Fraid and John Thill, as well as more widely known artists like California noise rockers Gang Wizard. 

Among the many gems to be dug is one irresistibly gorgeous track from Nebraska's L Eugene Methe. While fellow Omaha mainstay Simon Joyner belts out a Urinals cover, recorded live at last year's Junkfest. Tape 2 is book ended by the madness that is the legendary John Trubee and the Ugly Janitors of America. In between you can enjoy some of South Carolina's hidden treasures like Flaming Biscuit founder Brantley Fletcher's own Plundershop project and Columbia's greatest stay at home crooner Joshua Doomslang McCormack. A triumphant return all around, much to look forward to from this label.