Well well well well well. The whole neighborhood is going to shit. They are saying this area is turning into the south side. I don’t really know much of what they mean, but I am taking it as its spit out. The time that takes place throughout the days on this planet, I tend to staying indoors. I havnt grown too old for the bars and such, but I have drank more than my fill of sauce, and understand finally how lame I become with that outside atmosphere. Hey, I might be growing old, or maybe I am enjoying my own sauce inside. I enjoy all types of sauces. I enjoy mineral spirits breathed heavy from a cut 2 liter bottle. I enjoy tape head cleaners, the smell of dust and mildew, old pages, new pages, sticky liquid, varnish, etc. I also enjoy on occasion stewing and simmering and hearing object sound. Abjeck. ?? sound ?? there is too much talk of sound.

Here we witness some of that sound. I have bantered enough about Mcalister. And you can google or droogle or whatever have you all you want and keep the mysteries going and failing and falling and rising and birthing. But what you get on “TWISTED DESIRE” – the new cassette tape from mcalister and celie d. – is more birthright. Real stomp. Real heat. Fake heat too. A fake tattoo. I engulfed a pastrami on rye. The fire light up the sky. Twisted desire deals the cards in a straight stack. 

Blemished herk, strings about to break. Just a regular band.  your honey pot. Drinking patio water.
I shouldn’t have to tell you to get into this system of events. Don’t you understand the whole scene birthed,  drives itself for real on  treds that are balding ?? put your fuckin $10 in an envelope and send a letter, written with a fuckin pen and ink, and send it to the address below. Don’t be shy my hipster hupcats! Maybe you wont get shit…but I am sure you make $10 in tips easy at the fuckin coffee shop. You can cast me out – but you wont keep me down. Mcalsiter is still thriving on the meat of a subculture gone kaput. A lot of folks are. I am no one to be telling anyone “how things should be or shouldn’t be” - - -hell this computer is fixin all my type writing errors for me. But if you want the real grit of what has become “cassette culture” – do yourself a favor, and do some studying. You have to know where you come from before the tabs come out. 

These tabs. They are for the yearning. Get it. If you can. You can. Just try. Boot off.


-- Chris Fischer