MILLIONS “Line in the Sky” C40 (Field Hymns)

There I was, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. Shooting some b-ball outside of the school. When a couple of guys – they were up to no good – slipped me this new tape by Millions. I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t! I had an old Run DMC tape in my Walkman. I was expecting something along those lines, I think. I was way off.

Straight dissonance! Killin’ it, right off, with a blast of freshly heated synth noise, melting my ears and face alike with “Trespassers.” This Millions cat, David Suss, where does he get off? I almost dropped my Yoo Hoo, and then there would’ve been trouble. I haven’t had a Yoo Hoo catastrophe like that since “Nil Admirari,” Oneohtrix Point Never’s similarly album-starting nuclear meltdown on Returnal. Alright, Suss calms it down to pure tones by the end of the track, but I’m chugging my drink in case “Bilocation,” up next, does this to me again.

“Bilocation” doesn’t ignite rocket fuel up in my grill, but it’s unsettling for thirteen minutes nonetheless. Sparkling synth meanders through the galaxy, all pretty and inviting, until a transmission interrupts it and the SETI Institute goes apeshit over the source of the interruption. At least they would if I elected to inform them. This one’s piping straight to my earbuds, and nobody gets any of it.

So it’s clear now that I’m only in it for the space bucks, and maybe a ride in a souped-up intergalactic 1973 Dodge Swinger. That’s right, I’m pretty far gone – I’m leaving my street-balling days behind for interstellar space travel! “Prismatic” is the trip, and then the portal, and then I’m in and out. “Line in the Sky” culminates in the promise of infinite movement, never staying in one place, always moving toward a new destination. Maybe I’m still being called by those transmissions. Maybe not.

This whole tape was inspired by Thomas Pynchon’s book Against the Day, by the way. I’ve never read any Pynchon, but I just saw Inherent Vice and was decidedly underwhelmed, but I’m more at odds with PT Anderson than anybody. Also, Pynchon had that bag over his head on The Simpsons. At any rate, this tape is perfect sci-fi head trippiness. Let Millions, and Field Hymns, make some trouble in your neighborhood sometime soon, OK?

--Ryan Masteller