“I Still Got Love for the Street” C10

It’s actually not a bong-rip-cough, my lungs are burning like hell from this breath of fresh air. Not sure if I can fully share my appreciation for what these two goofball/visionaries are doing here without proselytizing my own agenda. Maybe our goals are one and the same? I fell in love with tapes b/c they’re a vehicle for passing around sonic idears without the forced mystique of production. Anybody can grab a used Tears for Fears cassette from the thrift store, slap a sticker over the text or carve out the lettering, put tape over the top, and dub onto it the weirdest shit they can possibly dream up. The ritual of dubbing and collating the package are all a labor of love and it’s so great to swap with like ambitious minds, or just drop one off at a record store and hope that the creativity and playfulness infects others.

This artifact is a ten minute dream sequence of, to my interpretation, someone who tries (succeeds in?) getting hit by a car so they can sue and make rent. Sonic themes ally themselves with hip hop/spoken word, but musique concrete plays such an important part, as does lifted r&b samples, loose guitar loops, and subtle humor. “my make up is running…it looks good…is that a real ant, or a robot ant? …I squash it…and it forms a perfect blush.”

I can’t fucking wait to pass this along to friends involved with spoken word/DJ culture. If you live in MA, please give Granny Frost and Deep Wizard a big ol’ bear hug from Berkeley!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan