“Light Is Gone” C36
(Sunroom Recordz & Salon)

Minimum fidum, the bedroom acoustic musician strain of Homo sapiens, observed in his natural habitat. Cleanly picked acoustic guitar with few embellishments. Sad, very sad songs. It’s OK to be sad sometimes. I’m sad sometimes. The moments where I’m sad, I imagine I’m a new strain of Homo sapiens myself, Tristitia hominis. Am I blowing your mind with all this Latin yet? I shouldn’t be. The computer’s on, internet browser’s active. Gently picked acoustic songs, sometimes with embellishments (like drum machines) are playing. I don’t know what made Field Medic, aka Kevin Patrick, so sad – something to do with a dentist in LA, presumably? It’s OK everybody, hugs. I see you got a Colin Meloy vibe goin’ on in the vocal regions. He’s a swell cat. A Tumescente cattus, if you will.

--Ryan Masteller