"Of Loving Grace" C36
(Antiquated Future)

Oakland, CA has had its fair share of lushly-psychedelic indie rock bands (my personal favorite being the Aimless Never Miss), but Flying Circles manage to hold a space and intimacy most near and dear to my heart, found throughout the only two albums released by mid-90’s criminally underrated masterminds, Belly. Seriously, Tanya Donelly knew what was up! …and so does this quartet, whose expert rhythm section (able to shake asses or slowly sway hazy noggins at a moment’s notice) provide room for great, fuzzed out guitar leads and/or thick synth textures & swells, as well as an honest, dreamy-yet-powerful vocal presence that blends expertly with the surrounding wall of sound.

I have to admit, it took me a minute to get into this band, but now I’ll be looking forward to seeing them play soon, as they’re apparently from right down the street from me. Yeow! Good to see more great stuff put out by the ever-impressive Antiquated Future label, out of PDX.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan