"S. Maharba" C21
(Sass Bologna/Arms & Legs)

Seher Maharba, out of the UK, has his bad-ass-hleaurettes in mix-awe-logy, with a strong Minor in Texteurology and Funky-So&So-ciology! This tape is a re-issue of a highly sought after release by Sass Bologna and, later, Arms & Legs, with a few vinyl pressings, between, that now fetch $50-$100 easily.

I hesitate to measure the worth of a musician/producer through monetary means, but, honestly, I’m not that dialed into experimental Hip-Hop beats, and, I suppose Discogs knows more than I do, as per supply/demand.

Herein, a noteworthy seamless blend of loops, timbral snakery, heaviness, playful positions & about one thousand years worth of neck-bobbing good times run rampant. There’s also a brilliant tease of a Beatles song that comes right out of nowhere to smack you in the face. Like, Woah!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan