GERMAN ARMY "Mountain City" (Phinery)

German Army is a household name in the experimental music community die to their extremely prolific activity (under many project names besides GeAr) and knack for creating impressively cohesive albums based on audio concepts.

Mountain City, released on Phinery, is no different. This is a journey into a world: a bustling barter marketplace, a tribal and rural population, clay, wooden and stone homes jutting from the mountainscape.

Snapshots and vignettes of twanging guitars, lively chants, dusty percussion, ragtime and human atmospheres give this album an atmosphere unlike any other. It is extremely human but also contains a mysticism of a fantasized location from the GeAr camp.

Track titles like Bluff, Pea Patch, Sea Island, Frogmore and others give a further focus on the locations real or imagined for each piece on the album.

LIYL: Q///Q, Peter Kris, Dylan Golden Aycock

-- Joseph Morris