Mal Ride is a three-piece featuring Miguel Camara, German Amitrano and Christina Ruiz who recorded this five song e.p. live in May of 2015. Additional contributions come from David J. Lopez (bass) and Layra Mena (backing vocals.) The whole thing is attributed to Grabbing Clouds but it's unclear to this writer whether that is the label or some sort of collective...or both.

"Mal Ride" opens this effort and is a rollicking high energy piece short in length but nevertheless a fruitful introduction to what follows. And what follows is the attention-grabbing "Shit" which demonstrates this groups fondness for Joy Division and that ilk. Were there to be a single from this collection, my money would be on "Masquerade" which, like the tape as a whole, could be an outtake from "Closer."

Track four, simply noted as "Drop" and the final cut, "Alt" demonstrate an increase in feedback and energy which leaves you wishing this was a full album instead of these five relatively short contributions.

There is no contact information, sadly, as was curious to know more about this trio. In the end, this is not a groundbreaking collection but a very listenable experience by a group that was served its influences well.

-- Bob Zilli