"Vandenyas” C22
( ((Cave Recordings)) )

((Cave Recordings)) continues to put out great experimental/noise tapes in teeny-tiny batches, and, this time around, has offered up a decidedly more minimalist, ambient-drone bass worshipping cloudscape by Sundial AKA Nick Bagley AKA head of PDX-based Big Ear Tapes. Dream segues looped & bed back, eternally.

Note I say “cloudscape” as opposed to landscape, as there are no biomes teaming with melodious life, but rather the soulless convergence of life-giving molecules and atoms in constant, minute flux, reverberating against one another, each, individually undetectable on a sonic level, but, en masse…well…

Part midnight thunderhead over campfire, part misty morning bike ride to work, part meteorological disturbance, ‘Vandenyas’ synthesizes all the subtleties of brilliant weather-centric field recordings without a single organic splash. Pretty impressive.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan