(Manic Records)

Women of the Night are a time traveling band, coming at ya from some garage in 1967 where Eric Burdon and Mick Jagger shook sweaty hands. The classic guitar tone & delay’s been done a million times before, with the hooks & changes only slightly re-arranged; same goes for the drums, supporting bass, hell, even the reverb-drenched vocal stylings. Only difference is the bumped up keyboard presence (usually relegated to the very back, a half century ago) now has a slightly more engaging timbre shifting , but even that’s only a microscopic variation. The music overall is pretty alright, though, so, if this horse hasn’t been beaten to death for you, it’s probably worth hearing now, especially considering these folx’ll likely play your living room in exchange for a place to crash and $20 gas moneys.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan