"Slow Deep and Narc" C38

Flesh Narc, str8-outta Denton, West Tejas! Hey, dontcha hesitate to hit all them notes & maybe all them semitones between ‘em, ‘kay? Y’hear?! Noise Rock Woosh! Hear angular Drums & Bass overexcitedly a-flirtin‘ with le metronome, but le metronome be on da fritzzzz! Guitars is obviously allergic, no? Do you even tune, brah? Nah! Nah! Speak-sung-yelp’d vocals preaching all end-times-like! This be a skid row nervous breakdown stretched out atop a greasy drying rack, folx! Loud, I tells ya! Dissing on orientation, y’know? Wooh!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan