“Choir of the Low Spirits”

Commenter “The Goon” says: “Somebody got the 90’s grunge rock time-machine up and running. (hint: it’s these guys).” Oh, snap! That’s the exact sentiment I was looking for, and some anonymous thing with a chubby baby avatar did my work for me. Great job, internet! I can add a little bit here. Chrome Ghost plays like a band of Jerry Cantrells – competent, decent with a song. They have a real knack for harmony within their idiom. But they don’t have that “Layne Staley” – I don’t necessarily mean a one-of-a-kind vocalist, but there’s a game-changing element that’s missing. I mean, who really cares, though, right?  What did Layne Staley do today anyway? Go ask a voodoo priestess. Chrome Ghost is miles better than the bro-y throwback bands that I imagine are still plastered all over MTV (but in reality were not even cool like ten years ago). Chrome Ghost’s guitars are at least sludgy instead of riffy, belying the sincerity of the songs. And we all know the Great Pumpkin likes the sincerity of sludgy riffs. And, uh, sincere pumpkin patches. Where did I go there?

Like heavy alt-90s sludge? Like Chrome Ghost. It’s that simple.

--Shrunken head Layne Staley from Beetlejuice