“Blu Deux” (Phinery)

These electronics, am I right? Seemingly unending possibilities. Never know what you’re going to get out of them. That’s sort of the best part, though, isn’t it? Always the potential for surprise! Even more interesting, then, when you can get inside the machine, see what’s happening under the hood. That’s where Blu Deux comes in. It’s a concoction, an experiment, a constellation of sonic manufacture that begs intense scrutiny. Sound artists Philippe Lamy and Maria Rose Sarri (aka MonoLogue, aka Marie Rose, aka Moon RA) stretch the concept of “partnership” to a weirdly logical destination, one where their collective minds can tap the subatomic structures of sonic waveforms. I don’t even know what that means, the words are just issuing from the electrical impulses in my own brain. And that’s sort of what “Blue Two” (in English, sort of, not sure why that’s important to you) is, the product of electrical impulses from two brains, captured by audio software and manipulated into finished products. Patterns are fleeting – these tracks are explorations of the rabbit holes down which sounds can travel, and Lamy and Sarri are both adept navigators of these metaphorical tunnels. They barely bounce off the walls! That’s saying something – these are pretty narrow spaces. Anyway, the seemingly unending possibilities of electronics must be contained at points within a finite space, and there’s only so much magnetic tape within a plastic cassette shell, so Blu Deux has to unfortunately begin and end. There’s no infinite cycle to hitch a ride to or echo chamber to report back. No matter how hard Lamy and Sarri try, they are bound by the limits of time and space, of physics. At least we get a snapshot, a slice of time, to reveal what they’re capable of. 

--Ryan Masteller