“Rebels & Romantics” (self-released)

I’m not an internet troll. I’m a nice person. I want to like your music. I really do. That’s why I do this.

But I’m not really sure I like Courtney Love’s new direction, you know? It feels like a step backward. I tell this to Tad Doyle all the time: you guys, you B-level 1990s Sub Pop stars, you know how it feels. There’s just not enough respect to go around for those who are toiling away. But still, you have to deliver. I deliver. Not so much music anymore. More wrestling and tea and synthesizers and lawsuits, but whatever. If Courtney wants to record as “Omega Sirius Moon,” more power to her. I just wish it didn’t sound like she was still in the practice space. Oh well.

Oh, this isn’t Courtney Love doing a new thing but sounding like she’s doing an older thing? Wow, my bad.