“Forests and the Hunt”

I’m not going to lie. At first glance, I was really expecting this to be a death metal band because of the artwork and because of song titles such as “Ashes of North America” and “The Demon Star.” Don’t worry, I was wrong!

I want to clarify that while I did think that this was a metal band, the art and presentation is really great. It even came shrink-wrapped (which I realize isn’t that big of a deal, but I get very excited when I get to open a brand new untouched cassette.) It was all really aesthetically pleasing.

Once I finally put this in my Walkman, I found out that Forests and the Hunt is actually a pretty sweet instrumental synth-pop project from Saint Louis. I usually have a pretty hard time getting into bands that use excessive amounts of synth. It’s because they always seem to get carried away and add layer after layer until their heart is content. Forests and the Hunt really has some great music and part of that is because they have great restraint.

Favorite Track: Magic in Denim

Forests and the Hunt

-- Garrett Douglas