ASTRO “Confide in Jest" (Strange Daisy)

Chillwave is alive and well, and Astro makes it, with competence, just like his forefathers used to make it. The ancients smile upon Robert Landry, sometime drummer for New Orleans alternative rock bands. They see in him a vessel to fill with their knowledge, a torchbearer for the archaic sounds once so formidable within the consciousness of the blogerati. The statues of Sts. MillionYoung and Small Black weep tears of blood. Stigmata appear on the hands and feet of Dream Boat. David Bazan’s Headphones project is mentioned in hushed whispers. A new day is dawning, one in which “The music you are listening to is completely electronic” is an actual sample in a song (“Wet Redux”). Life moves endlessly, and it is endlessly contemplated through computer programs. The world becomes soft pastels, and we are integrated into its network.

Strange Daisy

--Ryan Masteller