GAUTE GRANLI / RUFFLE “Speak om four for a minute / Untitled”

Willfully obscure, difficult, harsh, and oozing with anti-everything effrontery. Ruffle is noise. 21st century mad scientist stereo on fire. Purity of smoking wires. Gaute Granli is something else, some kind of Norweigian beatnik getting spooky. This is kind of a perfect noise tape. First, it’s half-European, with minimalist, elegant, enigmatic packaging. The J card is high quality heavy stock with no liner notes except the lyrics to the Gaute Granli side (“spinned priveleger … she’s on fucking wargoner / she fly only jets / she gedagd priveleglum”). The cassette box is white and the cassette is green tinted. The cover art is vaguely surgical. Gaute Granli sound like they go off into some loose dub terrain from here. Like I say, kind of a perfect noise tape.

-- Kevin Oliver