“Horse Stance”
(Puff Boys)

I couldn’t find much info on this band, but I’m pretty sure it’s just one guy. This whole album was recorded live. It’s some loud repetitive techno. This album has some good and some bad. While listening through for the first time, I was thinking a lot that this guy would be great at composing the scores for action movies. Most of these songs just kind of give off that vibe that they should be playing in the background while Tom Cruise is fighting three evil henchmen in the middle of a strobe light filled club.

My biggest problem with this album is that some of the songs such as “Temporary Truce” are over seven minutes long. I have no problem with a song being seven minutes, but when it’s basically the same 30 seconds looped over and over again with the tiniest difference, it really gets old. When I review this kind of music, I always say the same thing and it’s that restraint is incredibly important. You can make a great song that’s a minute and a half long and keep the listeners wanting more, or you can make a seven minute song that ends with them being frustrated that it never went anywhere else. I think that FIIT could be capable of some very cool things, but less is more.

- Garrett Douglas