“Similar Thoughts” (Centipede Farm)

This is noise/electronica. But not just that. It is industrial strength noise. Loud, shrill and pointed noise. Noise that could live comfortably in any of the major cities in the midwest. And be damn proud of itself.

We Also Let Blood is the brainchild of one Harrison Phillis who apparently did everything on this release. I’ll be the first to admit I can only take so much noise/electronica but must confess that Phillis does what he does quite well. “Fog Shards”-the opener on side two, is particularly interesting, as there is a subtle touch of melody weaving through the wall of screeching that comprises the track. Even here, however, Phillis never lets you get too comfortable and maintains the bombardment well above any sense of melancholy and soulful malingering. The tape concludes with “Every Banality” where Phillis throws everything against the wall and it all sticks. Don’t get me wrong, this is still noise, but there is a lot going on until it settles firmly into a groove of….more noise.

In all there are five tracks here. The tape was released in 2016 and beyond that, as all too often is the case, we have no other information.

-- Bob Zilli