YERD (Wee Space Tapes)


If you are old enough to remember The Twilight Zone or somehow latched unto the late-night reruns, then you know about places that are not quite the destination. Other places, places that are not places at all. Or in this case music that’s not music at all.

Is all sound music? Maybe to someone…but here we have balloon and voice. Nothing more. Yerd doesn’t share much either. Side one is Yerd Jacket, side two is Yerd Jacket pt. 2.  It was recorded at Wee Space in NYC and it is for his (her?) mom. That’s it. That and the sounds.

Yerd, (may I call you that?) in all fairness, does a lot with few tools. This short tape is interesting, at least once through; and you gotta wonder why…

-Bob Zilli