SURF HARP "Peel" (Friends Records)

There is an eerie airiness to this album from Surf Harp. This is not to say it doesn't have rough edges. It does. And that combination which weaves through a debt to sixties pop (The Turtles) and equally leaning on the better psychedelic stuff that came just later makes for a freshness I hear all too little of lately.

This is a well fashioned piece of work with excellent songwriting and equally captivating performance. If I have anything to kick at, the production gets a little thick at times given all that's going on.

Surf Harp is a five piece from Baltimore featuring Philip Bolton, Jeff Koplovitz, Dennis Mizzoni, Aaron Perseghin and Chris Sweeney. Four other performers are credited being Kinsey Mathews, Alexa Richardson, David Jacobar and Al Patterson. The release was recorded by band member Phillip Bolton and mastered by Joel Hatstat. The tape comes with a download card for those so inclined.

High marks all around. Highly recommended

-- Bob Zilli