“All is Dream”
(Sounds of the Dawn)

When I was a little kid, my favorite place in the world was the aquarium. I’d get my mom to take me every year for my birthday for a long time. The Georgia Aquarium has a big tunnel under an enormous tank so you can walk through and look at fish as if you’re on the bottom of the ocean looking up. When I was a kid, that spot always made me so happy. That’s a pretty random and specific memory to bring up, but the weird feeling of joy and thinking about how beautiful everything was in the moment is the same way I felt the first time I listened to this album.

This is beautiful. Everything about this album is beautiful from the music to the gorgeous packaging of the cassette itself. This is how ambient music should be done. I’ve had this cassette on my shelf for a very long time but I can never commit to writing about it. There’s just something about it where I’ve listened to it so many times that I feel like there’s something special that I need to make sure I probably write about.

Lunaria is the name that Daniel Guillen works under. I couldn’t find out if he’s ever put anything out under any different names, but this is his first release as Lunaria. He currently resides in Spain. His first release is a beautiful landscape of sound that washes over you and makes everything okay. Listen to this album.

- Garrett Douglas