"Pharaohs Serpent"
(Grants Tomb)

In Michigan a worn out cliche continues a healthy life about the weather changing every minute.
This is often the case with electronic music. In fact, while some tapes go on and on, never shifting far from the initial pretense, others rapidly jump from concept to concept. A balance somewhere between is comfortable listening and hence I finally bring you to this tape.

Bodega System, from New York, would appear to be the brainchild of but two people. They've been at this awhile with releases going back over ten years, mostly on the Grant's Tomb label.

While the tracks are, of course, all electronic, they lean heavily on themes and while the first couple titles are nearly upbeat, the tape progresses toward a more sinister approach such as what you hear on "Dawn" and "Termagent"

All in all, Bodega System, on this release, display masterful technique and writing capabilities. This tape is highly recommended to all electronic music fans.

-Bob Zilli