"Fussy" (Antiquated Future)

How can you not be one of a kind with monotone muted vocals and mostly guitar only accompaniment while still maintaining a rock/pop/indie format. Sort of.

Appalachian Yard Art is Colin, who wrote and recorded this pretty much by himself in his basement. Some artwork and sparse drums were added by Taylor. That pretty much sums up the credits but how about the songs?

“Skull Song” opens side One and slams you with “I am moving too fast and in and out of the past but nobody living here can make me turn back.” So now we have an idea of what we’re dealing with. It gets more foreboding (and slightly more complex) as you proceed through “Wood Clamp”, “Dogwhistle” and the track that ends side one, “Alchemy”.

Fussy is not a happy camper, malcontent with a recorder and guitar. Side Two’s “The Rise And Fall Of Mulch” is short and to thew point. Everything is mulch. “Milk Makes The Mammal” follows and doesn’t lift the spirits of the ongoings, more actually setting the stage for the closer, “Reading The Obits On A Sunbaked Hillside”.

No, AYA is not bright and optimistic but nevertheless has something to say and says it in a unique manner just catchy enough to hold your attention. While it may sound like I’m not partial to this tape, in fact I am. This is good stuff well worth a listen.

The tape comes in standard jewel case with a lyric sheet (nice) and download card (nice too).

-- Bob Zilli