A I W A "Prepper Mindset"
(Always Human Tapes)

From the jump, A I W A delivers up a raw, experimental take on dance music. Excellent timbres and a constantly booty bass; awesome filter sweeps; crackly snares. It’s something thoughtful you could move to on the dancefloor.  A I W A’s calling card seems to be taking dance music conventions and deconstructing them into brightly colored riffs and beats.

“nut it delle” is a truly jaw dropping pan flute-synth song mixed with 90s horn stabs; a stand out track for sure! Fresh and unique, this is truly a raw take on current techno. Morphing phases and polyrhythmic beats; chimes and grooves. Some really inspirational hand clapping. Really clever counterpoint and throbbing basslines; tons of great subtle drops; brilliant flourishes of hi-hats. The melodics are very cloud like.

For people that like their techno /interesting/.


-“Jamband” Josh Brown