POCKET CLOUD “Tangle” (Valley Heat Records)

Pocket as far as I could tell is the debut album for Brisbane, Australia based band, Cloud Tangle, and if this is the first I sure can’t wait to see what comes next. Written and performed by solely by Amber Ramsay, Pocket is a ethereal, melodic concept album that would be impressive if created by a full band let alone one person.

Cloud Tangle’s Pocket is like a dream, a good dream to be sure. From the organ like synth, to the drawn out longing vocals, the whole thing makes you feel lost in another world. This is music that lends itself well to deep introspective thought, this is the kind of music you need playing when making life changing decisions out in the rain.

The best way for me to describe this album would be haunting, but beautiful. Listening to this tape you can just feel the time and emotion that went into putting it together, the way the instruments are used, some put at the forefront and others are hidden away only to be discovered in later listens. 

Favorite Track: Almost Close To You


--Drake Douglas