"Karst" C42
(Monofonus Press / Astral Spirits)

Jeph Jerman & Tim Barnes have teamed up to deliver a few long form, layered, sonic poses of textured ambience* for your inner storytelling pleasure, so put some meditation pillows in the closet & strap on the ol’ headphones for an exercise in mental multi-tasking.

Journey 1, titled “Scumbling” finds you navigating urban life’s rich tapestry of vehicular reverberations mixing with a subtle, utterance-free toiling.

Journey 2, titled “Occluded” could be anywhere, but I’d put my money on a gambling hall. Cheap, contact mic’d tables give away secrets, and a quick getaway to another country is on the menu.

Journey 3, titled “Karst” is painful. Something happened. Maybe a goon cracked a bottle over your noggin or maybe it was the pills. Either way, something ain’t right, and you’ve gotta take care of that splitting headache or…

These are just a few possible interpretations of what “Karst” may yield those a-yearning for a subtly guided daydream.

*To note: One might ask, “Now why in the hell would I want to listen to field recordings of everyday sound happenings paired with another human being’s whimsical responses in the form of clattering about?” The answer might involve the careful mixing of said soundscapes & scrapes together and your own relationship to repeated listens.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan