"The Shape of Punk To-Go"
C10 (1980 Records)

In less than four minutes side one is over.  In less than four minutes side two is over.  Within those confines there's an assault that pounds a hole directly through the walls behind the speakers, directly through the third eye in the center of my forehead. 

This is technical, fast, driving metal and it never lets up. There are four song titles but it plays like two sides of solid pulsating insanity.  Well played and recorded and very intent on getting the point across.  Which is "we're going to tear down your house."

You can't listen to this quietly, and you'll not want to.   There's a Mr. Bungle/Secret Chiefs 3 thing going on here, a jarring and smashing but very precisely controlled aural brutality. Recommended as your outgoing message for when you don't want them to leave a fucking message.

--Kingo Sleemer