ALEX CRISPIN "Idle Worship"
(Sounds of the Dawn)

Based on the tape’s title, I was pleasantly surprised to find Alex Crispin’s Idle Worship to be a beautiful drone album. The album begins with minute synthesizer melodies over a breezy soft pad sweep of chords. Calming, soft, and charming. This is some really special high fidelity new age music. I can feel the warm summer breezes and ideal locations. I lose myself completely. This is definitely something you can relax to. A storm of overtone melodies softly permeates throughout. There is some thoughtful piano work on this album. A while into the second side, hand drums make an appearance. The final track is a fantastic; evocative of Philip Glass’ Einstein on the Beach with rapid fire arpeggios, guitar, and layers upon layers of keyboards.

Whether you’re on your way to a yoga retreat, sitting at your favorite spa, or stoned off your gourd on the couch with a loud stereo, this is definitely a winner!

-“Jamband” Josh Brown