"Last Day On Earth"
C30 (Staaltape)

Midori Hirano's side is primarily a piano piece with some ambient / experimental music elements thrown in. The piano piece isn't overly complicated but it is a great calming listen on this cold Sunday afternoon.

Kris Limbach's side is  a much more noisy musique concréte composition. This being one of my favorite genres it is always great to find a new artist and especially one who does it well. This track does remind me of some Small Cruel Party works, clean but wavering in and out of discernible sources.

Overall I am impressed with Kris Limbach and not disappointed by Midori Hirano's composition. I do like that Staaltape did mix these two artists together because releases like this show it does not always need to be artists that are exactly the same on a split release.


- - Marc Benner