RUNNING “Live at WFMU” (Monofonus Press)

From Running’s gushing butts comes a behemoth of fetid sleaze dank enough to overpower the most stalwart of our young heroic generation. Running is not for the squeamish. Running is for those who wallow, who wilt, who wonder what it must be like not to heave their stinking breakfasts back up day in and day out. Running is not for those of you who are into actual running. Running likes to sit alongside track meets with cases of PBR and hurl insults.

Speaking of hurling, Running lobs a hand grenade full of rotted meat into your open and vulnerable psyche while also literally lobbing gobs of rotted meat into your open mouth. Seriously, go to a Running show.1

Dressed in their Hawaiian shirts for radio (don’t ask me), the trio blasts through a vicious set of post-SST/AmRep noise to a radio audience that didn’t sign up for this shit. When they’re through, Thomas Storck, whose radio show they just played, can’t even muster acknowledgment. He just plays “Call This Number,” an entire A-side by Person of Interest. OK, fine, he thanks Running after “Call This Number” ends. But he’s not the same after listening to running – he’s changed. Like he’s been making out with a jackhammer.

In the end, the only thing you really need to ask yourself is, “Did I really just read a review beginning with a line about ‘gushing butts’? And I read the whole thing?”

1. Disclaimer: rotted meat may or may not be lobbed into your open mouth at a Running show.

Monofonus Press

Undancing in the Dirt with Thomas Storck: Playlist from July 17, 2016 [WFMU]

--Ryan Masteller