“What’s All This New Piss?”
(Cassanova Cassettes)

If you dig straight up, balls to the wall rock and roll, then you’ll want to check out this tape!  Even though the album cover photo looked pretty cool, I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the first release I was reviewing for Cassette Gods.  However, what I heard coming through the speakers of my kitchen counter cassette player while sipping my morning coffee and cooking Sunday breakfast was a solid, powerful sound that embodied a mixture of many of rock’s most influential bands from the past twenty plus years...and it was being produced by the energy of only two people!

The Asbury Park, New Jersey duo kicks off their latest 5-track EP with ‘Preacher Says So’, a song that sounds like it would be the love child of Oasis and the White Stripes. This is followed by ‘Here We Go Again’, a ditty reminiscent of early Strokes output.  Track three on the EP is ‘Paddle Out’, a song clearly influenced by the work of Nirvana.  The album concludes with ‘Shed is Old’, which is my personal favorite as it’s a fun rocker that takes one back to the 80s hair metal heyday.  Kudos to these guys for doing Bruce’s adopted hometown proud and keeping old school, kick ass rock and roll alive and well on the east coast!


-- “Charlie” John Templeman