SLIME MOB / 06515 Split (Self Released)

Not that I’d ever complain about any exposure for the Connecticut music scene, but these are tragically two of the most overlooked Connecticut experimental artists. Lots of people know Connecticut for its opulent suburbs and rural areas but many don’t know about the difficult streets of the inner cities. 06515 and Slime Mob embody the carnage of being an outsider musician in an unforgiving place.
The Slime Mob side of this tape is a sample driven masterpiece in urban sprawl and decaying media imagery. Mixing such diverse styles as crunk, breakbeat, straight hip hop, and found materials (the album opens with a blood curdling 911 call) the layering and beats are flawless and heavy with heavy guitar samples and booty bass galore.  This side even has a remix of Umbrella. It sound is almost like rows of car stereos slowly edging up a city street in tandem. If you ever wanted to have the snot scared out of you by a Handsome Boy Modeling School album then here you go.

The 06515 side goes off the deep end FAST and stays there. Booty bass, reggaetón riffs; doo wop samples; sirens and off phrase rhythms like you might hear in early Autechre. Its in a way smooth but also jarring. Its difficult to place how the complex sample tapestries were created. This sound is amongst the freshest of the fresh. Its like the speakers are moving around the room. It reminds me of waiting at the crowded bus stop at the New Haven green, the smell of all kinds of smoke in the air, people selling single cigarettes on the benches. The sounds of rhythms melting. At some points, cogency even breaks out in actual, complex, danceable music.
All and all, I feel like this split really expresses the style and dynamic of Connecticut experimental music at its finest. Look for more in the future from these two dynamos!!

Slime Mob side:

06515 side:

Still available if you contact Slime Mob!!

-- Josh Brown