"Timid Seamstress"
(Humanhood Recordings)

Campbell James Kneale is an experimental musicians based out of Featherston New Zealand. He is probably best known from his work in "Birchville Cat Motel". Because, in 2011, The Guardian included Birchville Cat Motel in their 101 strangest records on Spotify article (see link below).
He music has a strong drone edge to it, the crackle and hiss from the polyester ferric works in tandem to give his art that certain aesthetic that a CDR just couldn't give.

So, whether you are smoking a cigarette while walking past St Teresa's School, or say, vomiting up your frogurt behind the Supervalue on Daniell, you will be happy to know that there is background music for your old TV looping video art installation that you are setting up in the local art loft.
Well, that is once you call your parents to remind them you haven't gotten the money you need for rent yet. Good news is that fathers day is close, so that's a good excuse to call them.
They wont even suspect a thing.

I am not being a dick here guys. Campbell himself states that his musical aim was to create something that is equal parts boredom and and ecstatic power.

I am told there is supposed to be snare drums on this album, but I dont hear them.
Features environmentally freindly Cardboard box and black pad printed cassette and sexy red leader tape.

-- Chuck