“Jappements à la lune”
C 35 (Cuchabata Records)

What a mighty interesting record. There is only one analogy that comes to my mind to describe this album. It’s like the sound effects of The Jetsons mixed with an insane asylum. The record is comprised of three tracks, one of which contains “vocals.” Vocals is in quotes because it’s not singing, per se. More like yelling or chanting. Cultish. I’ll level with you guys. It’s just a mess of an album. If you enjoy dissonant screeching with no resolution, harsh percussion, and chanting/gargling in French, this album might just be for you. I mean that in the best way. There were sections of the tracks that I truly enjoyed and could bop with. Sections where the feedback wasn’t overbearing and the drums weren’t so in your face. For the most part, however, the album is just too harsh for my ears.


-- Greer Biggs